Who We Are

Welcome to Food & Lifestyle TV—A curated collection of food and lifestyle channels with a VIBE! Featuring FYE cooking competitions, LIT Chef Showcases, exquisite cocktails, relationship advice and sexy foodie destinations.

Our Purpose

We founded Food & Lifestyle TV to showcase talented upcoming Chefs and lifestyle creators.  We built a Broadcast Kitchen Studio featuring first-class Viking appliances, along with professional sound and lighting.  We are proud to have become the studio home of the new wave of chefs.  By successfully building a physical studio and launching an online platform, we created a virtual space where a young adult audience can enjoy their talented culinary and lifestyle peers and idols where creatives can express themselves in their authentic voice and where brands can reach elusive young adults, on a platform managed by veteran corporate executives. 

What We Provide

We bring you high energy, high quality, culturally authentic programming, whether filmed in our custom designed Broadcast Kitchen Studio, or out on location.  Side-by-Side Chef Battles! Live Cooking Demonstrations! Custom Crafted Cocktails! Crazy Chef Collabs!  Dope and delicious!

Let’s Work!

Commercially, we create original content that is relevant to featured brands: Virtual Activations, Product Placements and in-house produced Commercials to run on our platform.  For example, we produced a bartender competition to showcase a national liquor sponsor. 


Visionary Founder and CEO, J. Davil “Deevo” Haralson, ESQ, formerly an executive level transaction attorney for a Fortune 20 company.

Chief Operating Officer Jay L. Young, formerly an international software and sales executive and the technical mind behind the studio infrastructure. 

Where To Find Us

We are available at www.foodandlifestyle.com and “Food & Lifestyle” on Roku, Amazon Firestick, iPhone/Android Mobile Apps, Samsung Smart TV Apps, LG Smart TV Apps, Android TV, Apple TV Apps, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.

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